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Photography is my connection to the world. The camera provides opportunities to meet amazing people while satisfying my desire to create. Every session is an opportunity to tell a new tale. This is not about creating a picture. It is about your story.

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Style - My portfolio reflects what you envision Collaboration - We create as a team Versatility - I can adapt to different genres and lighting scenarios Efficiency - Images and prints are delivered in a timely mannera> Discretion - Private sets or photo series stay private Art - Delivered digitally, physically, or both Professionalism - You deserve nothing less


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Every time I work with you, I can't wait to see the after products because every time I'm blown away. You don't heavily photoshop so they are so stunning by capturing and highlighting my natural beauty.

Mark Gunter is one of my favorite photographers! You work together as a team to create amazing images that you both can be proud of. Plus, Mark is just a blast to work with. We always have so much fun! I highly recommend him!

Every time we work together we always end up with such great images and we always have a great professional time shooting he is by far one of my favorite and most recommended photographers.

My first international publication was with Mark. He has been nothing short of remarkable to work with. His wisdom and creativity never fall short. Every project is an adventure. His talent is second to none!

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I have been a part-time photographer focusing on personal creative goals for several years. My work has appeared on book covers and a wide range of commercial websites. At least a dozen magazines have used my imagery, including internationally read print magazines. I attend photography conferences consistently to further hone my skills. For someone with a full-time job and a busy family life, this is no small feat. But, I know you have a crazy, busy life, too. Hiring QuestionMark Photography gives you access to a certified professional photographer who will deliver full-time service.